How To Increase Local SEO Clicks?

How To Increase Local SEO Clicks?
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Local SEO aka Local 3-pack listing(Google My Business) is significantly different from its big brother, organic SEO. There is nothing you could easily tweak to get a better click-through-rate. However, click-through-rates are a major part of digital marketing. A high (natural) click-through rate automatically leads to more sales.

What can be defined as clicks on local SEO or local search?

  • Call button
  • Direction button
  • Website button
  • The listing itself

What can we do to influence and improve click-through rates on local seo or local search (3-pack)?

  • Better reviews: It’s obvious, the more stars are shown the higher the chance people will trust our business. Credibility is reflected in high-quality reviews.
  • More reviews: Not only the quality of reviews does have a significant impact on click-through rates but also the quantity. Even if there is a lack of quality, as the business might only have an average star rating of 3.7, there is a bunch of customers who would still do business with us, even though we’re not top rated. This is because if the prominence of the business. You can see that polarisation effect on sites like Amazon Prime for movies – There are a lot of movies that have a few thousand reviews with an average 3 stars rating. This often happens when one end of a spectrum gives 5 stars and the other end dislikes it totally and gives 1 star. So it’s on the customer to find out if the word-of-mouth tells the truth.
  • Keywords in business names: People tend to lay great store on the relevance of their search query. That’s why exact matches are so powerful. They get the highest click-through rates. (I think we all know that)
  • The location of storefront businesses: Due to the fact that customers can directly see where the businesses are located it influences their click decision enormously. Unfortunately, Google doesn’t show separate service areas on the map.
  • Opening Hours: If your business listing says “closed” you’re not going to get any clicks today. (or at least fewer than expected)
  • Categories: Since, Categories are a part of the 3-pack listing they play a significant role in the click behaviour of customers. The greater the match between the categories and the search query the higher the chance the listing is being clicked.
  • Google My Business Content: GMB post content, review content, highlight content, website content, or content from 3rd party data providers are used by Google to extend the listing with relevant information. Make use of all GMB features, optimise your website, and be listed on other sites such as directories or data providers can help you to get higher click-through-rates and therefore lead inevitably to more sales.
  • Google Ads: The number of fewer paid ads are shown the higher the chance that local search results are going to get clicked. Also, speaking of advertising, if you bid on your own brand, you’re decreasing the number of organic leads you could potentially get. Keep that in mind.

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