A local Healthcare (Dental) Clinic wants more new patients from the surrounding suburbs so we suggested Google Ads. We setup Google Ads campaign on brand new account.

What we have achieved

We have setup Google Ads account from the ground up. We did keyword research and created Ads for the targeted services.

We also created high converting landing pages for each services in order to get leads and track them so we can optimise the campaigns  accordingly.

In three months of us managing the campaign, the client saw a good improvement. In the below graph you can see the increase in campaign effectiveness.

What does it mean?

The blue line indicates how many people are clicking through to the website. The fact we saw more and more people clicking from the impressions is really impressive.

Clicks are great, and you want a lot of them for your money but the real bang for your buck comes from leads (conversions in red) that has been increase month by month.

Client Brief:

Recently new patients in our clinic has been decreased because of two new dental clinics open in to our area. We want to get more new patients from the surrounding suburbs.

0 %
Clicks Up
0 %
Leads Up
0 %
Conversation Rate Up
0 %
Impression Up


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